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Extensive experience with Smart Card solutions, positions Placard as a leading supplier of Contactless, RFID and Dual Interface cards. These cards are embedded with integrated circuits which process data using radio frequency to communicate with a device or reader without the need for contact with the card. Placard’s continual investment in the latest technology enables our customers to feel confident in the smart card product provided. The greatest part of contactless payments are completed using smart cards but with the high usage of smartphones and increased availability of contactless terminals in the market, NFC (Near Field Communication) smartphone technology is seen to be the next evolution of complimentary payment platforms to these plastic cards.

Placard has been involved in providing mobile phone related NFC services since 2010. Our partnership with Bell ID, a global provider of smart chip management solutions, consequently allows Placard to extend a full range of mobile solutions to our clients, including Service Provider TSM, MNO TSM (Secure Element Management), and Secure Element in the Cloud using a SIM based SE, embedded SE or cloud SE using host card emulation services. Placard’s fully trained software development engineers can assist in customised applications and consumer rollouts.

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